Day 4

Published on 16 January 2024 at 14:56


So, here we are day 4 of our first crossing and the sailing's getting pretty lively! The winds have picked up (25 knots), the seas have become bigger (10-12 feet waves), and we've had a few squalls (over 30 knots) in the last 24hrs.
Surprisingly, I'm mostly feeling okay about all of it, but it does make living on board very challenging. Jayne's got a brilliant system for cooking evening meals. There's a slow cooker that keeps cooking food on it's own as long as you put it in hot. So generally the carbs and veg go in that together and are just left. Then they have an electric induction plate placed on top of the gimballed oven for everything else. Very clever and simple, but still difficult when everything is flying around everywhere!
The days are going by quite quickly. I've tried a bit of crocheting and kept up to date with my journal, but sketching and painting (in particular) are impossible. I think the weather is going to stay like this (or dare I say it) get worse all the way in to Colombia 🥴 I guess this was meant to be an adventure!!
Love to all from a choppy, hot, Caribbean Sea Ax


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5 months ago

Great to hear your updates. Sounds like you’ll make land early with the 25 knot winds. I’m even more jealous now having heard about the big fish 🎣. The squid looked fun too. Maybe not enough for a paella though!

5 months ago

Hi Amanda, it does sound as if things are livening up! I think it definitely is important to remember that you will have many challenges on your voyage. How is the sea sickness? Are you coping okay? I'm glad that you have been able to do some things to relax you.
Here on dry land things are much the same. Lots of Brits still in the Aussie Open. Raducanu won her first match yesterday so she is on her way. Hopefully she can make a bit of a run. The sun is still shining and it is still very cold. Low of -4 tonight! Nige is about to make a cup of tea and a mince pie. (nearly finished them! )
Sending our love and hoping the waves subside a bit.
Nicola xx

5 months ago

Hello Amanda!!
Love keeping up with all of yours and Bills blogging. How’s night sailing going in the bumpy sea? It sounds like this first leg you’ve settled well to life on the ocean. Sure it will be nice to get to
Santa Marta, by the looks of your location you’ll be in there much quicker than anticipated?
Love from Reno xxx