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Published on 26 January 2024 at 00:27

Well i think I'm officially earning my sea stripes or something!! ⛵We've been on route to San Blas for 24 hrs now and the sea's been partially across us and pretty choppy (15ft swells) all the way 🌊 Winds have been nice, 25/30 knots, but it all adds up to a very bumpy, rolling ride.


Doing the simplest thing becomes quite an operation, as it's impossible to stand upright without bracing yourself and holding on. Was on watch from 2 till 6am last night, so am a little weary today.


Sleep is challenging, we can't open hatches because of waves and flying fish! 🐟 One hit Harri as it flew into the cockpit last night. They're very smelly and I don't fancy one in our cabin!


On the bright side the weather is glorious, there's not a cloud in the sky and there's a lovely breeze on deck. Once I've written this I think I'll sit at the back of the boat and read my kindle. I'm reading Lessons in Chemistry. I'd thoroughly recommend 👍


Photos are of an ARC crew ABBA party (recognise the wig Ben??) and me sitting on the back of the boat today writting this blog.

Love to all Axxx

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5 months ago

You will officially be a salty sea dog before you get to the Pacific at this rate!

Pass on my congratulations to Tom for a fantastic effort on the ABBA fancy dress!

Enjoy the San Blas islands!

Graham Anscombe
5 months ago

Well I haven't had a chance to really look at this blog until now, but I'm all caught up. It looks amazing, but my tummy is happy to leave the 5 metre seas to you guys.

All is fine at your house. Someone came a few days ago in a BMW 1 series and left it there, but took your Volvo and hasn't come back yet, we assume you know about it. :-D

Stay safe, have fun! Graham, Ros & Daniel.

Sue Rimmer
5 months ago

Well done to all of you, sounds like you’ve already had some challenging times!
I’m so impressed with how you’ve been managing the conditions and night watches Amanda, you should be very proud of yourself.
I enjoyed that book too, have a relaxing day and look forward to your next episode!
Lots of love, Sue xxx

5 months ago

Is that a Caribbean style purple nasty Bill? The latest leg sounds interesting! Glad all stabilised now and love the big orange kite. Enjoy the book Amanda. Xx

5 months ago

Hi Amanda and co, sounds like you are having lots of fun. You can't beat an Abba shindig! Rather you than me for staying up in the middle of the night, ha ha! It does sound like there is never a dull moment. You have definitely earned your sea legs.
All is good at home. Nige, Hannah and I went for a walk around the river in Stratford this morning and stopped off at a vegan cafe, which we recently found. There are so many cafes in Stratford! Expecting Ollie tomorrow, he is doing his grade 4 coaching course in Nottingham, so is commuting from ours. Hope you're boys are well, I'm sure you have heard from them. The Australian men's final is tomorrow, Sinner v Medvedev. Will be supporting Sinner all the way.
Take care
Nicola xx

Mark Kirby
5 months ago

Love the selfie in the back of the boat Amanda! Andy pointed me at the correct place for your blogs.

5 months ago

Shame I missed the ABBA party 😭😂

Sarah Godfrey
4 months ago

Great to see these pics & enjoying the blog. Glad you’ve earned your sea stripes Amanda!
We’re also on our travels but much less challenging than yours. Currently in Collioure in the moho (26° so we’re happy😎) & heading down into Southern Spain next!
Keep up the good work & keep writing the blog! Sending lots of love xxx

4 months ago

Sounds very challenging so well done to all of you. Love the ABBA outfits- being on shore looks a lot of fun xx

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