San Blas Islands

Published on 1 February 2024 at 00:40

We've had a few wonderful days around the San Blas Islands. I'll enclose lots of photos so you can see where we've been. They are truly beautiful 🌴


However, the sad news is our impact on these islands is clear to see.


Every island has plastic rubbish littering the shore. I'm sure a lot of this is washed up from the mainland, but we also saw locals (Kuna's) rowing out to the reef and throwing bin bags full of plastic rubbish into the sea. I guess there is no infrastructure for collecting rubbish.


The sea is really hot. 29 degrees in general, but in some places it feels like swimming in a hot tub. We struggled to find any healthy coral when snorkeling, most was bleached and dead. As a result there were few fish or any marine life around.


With the height of the islands only a metre or two above sea level one wonders what the future for these islands and the local Kuna's is.


Love and hugs Axx

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5 months ago

Hi Amanda,
Lovely photo of you and Bill!

Your blogs are super interesting, insights on ocean life, how the boat is organised and your thoughts on rough weather. Not even a month into your trip and lots of adventure and excitement!!

We read about pollution and the impact of warming seas, actually hearing about it from your first hand experience in these stunning areas that you are visiting is sad. Your photos from San Blas islands look gorgeous, amazing clear water. How cool it is for you to experience these stunning places.

When does ARC head into the Panama Canal? Will Dilema motor through most of it? Found an interesting blog on Yachting world of a sail boat transiting the canal. Mentioned ARC rally and having to wait for the boats to go through first. Can only imagine it’s going to be a super interesting leg between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Our weather here is total opposite of your balmy warm weather! There’s a winter big storm headed our way with much needed snow in the mountains over the next several days.

Take care, love from Reno xx

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