Panama City

Published on 9 February 2024 at 21:28

Bill's talked a lot in the last few blogs about boaty stuff, so I thought I'd write about Panama City.


For the last couple of nights we've been staying in an Airbnb in Old Town, which has been wonderful. The apartment itself is in a converted townhouse with a central courtyard. It's all very modern and beautifully decorated with the biggest treat - aircon and huge, super comfy, clean sheeted beds!

We're wallowing in the luxury! 😍


Old Town itself is small but very pretty. Lots of narrow streets lined with balconied townhouses leading to big open squares.

Jayne and I have been busy sightseeing and shopping as well as enjoying the local cafès, while the poor boys have been stuck at the boat yard!

To be fair, we have done copious quantities of washing and a bit of food shopping too.


A highlight has been finding YouTube on the telly and doing yoga in the morning with Adrienne! I've missed her! 🧘‍♂️ Exercising on the boat is not easy. 🤣🤣


As well as the Old Town there is a huge modern part to the city and, as always, some very poor areas.


I'll attach some photos so you can see where we've been.


Carnival week starts this weekend, so not sure what that entails, but I'll send some more pics soon.


Love to all


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Sarah Barnes
4 months ago

Hi Amanda, well you know, Adrienne would say… y’all do what ever works for you, take it easy, do what you can. I can imagine your joy at having the opportunity of experiencing her peace! Loving the photos of Panama City and being able to track your passage via the Dilema blog is great to follow. We’re all good here, Fionnuala has just had her 29th birthday… where has the time gone… looking forward to catching up with Bob and Sue to hear about their recent trip. Your next leg sounds like it will be different from the last one, still full of amazing adventures! Namaste xx

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