The Equator!!

Published on 20 February 2024 at 08:50

Yesss! We've crossed the equator!!


In honesty it's been a tough sail since we left Panama. We had storms and heavy rain (REALLY heavy!!) on Sunday morning, and it's been cloudy ever since. We should be running with steady trade winds although the forecast had warned there would be very little wind. In practice there has been steady wind between 12 and 25 knots, but it has been right on our nose, blowing exactly the opposite way to the way it should - a combination of El Nino and climate change. So we've been tacking into it, and slamming into a choppy sea for days - lots of heeling and bouncing, not at all comfortable!


But the boat (touchwood) is going well - and has got us to the equator, truly amazing! Although there was little to see - no dotted line across the sea to mark it!


We had fun celebrating - we had Neptune on board, who chased us up the mast. And obviously a bottle or two of champagne (we actually had the real thing!!) to celebrate - sone of which was shared with Neptune to ensure he continues to look after our safety.


We continue on our way to Galapagos, tacking into wind, hoping to arrive just before dark on Tuesday. And looking forward to a rest when we get there!

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Abi Attwood
4 months ago

Congratulations on getting across the Equator 🥳
How surreal . Loving reading both of your blogs ,, keep them up and we look forward to hearing about the Galapagos adventures xx

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