From Santa Cruz, Galapagos 🐒

Published on 3 March 2024 at 15:46

We're coming to the end of our stay in Galapagos now. We will have been here nearly two weeks, and it's all been pretty special. We've been lucky enough to anchor off each of the three main inhabited islands, and have had time to explore some of what they have to offer.


We've been on several organised day tours. We've explored inland by bike, hiked around a volcano, visited a giant tortoise breeding centre and snorkelled through lava tunnels, beside rocks in the middle of the ocean and off pristine white sandy beaches in turquoise waters. All accompanied by sealions, sharks, turtles, penguins, rays, iguanas, pelicans, blue footed boobies, giant tortoises, frigate birds and masses of fish ... The list goes on and on. It's been amazing. As Sue said, we feel very privileged.


We've tried to pack in so much in the draining heat that both Bill and I have had colds and I've had a bit of an upset tummy. To recharge my batteries I've actually had a quiet day on the boat today.


In a few days (6th March) we'll be leaving here for the start of our big passage across the South Pacific to the Marquesas Islands, 3000 miles away.


The trip should take us between 3 and 4 weeks depending on weather. In theory the trade winds should be behind us and blow us across. But, we're in the middle of an El Niño year when winds are generally lighter. And, as I've discovered so far on this sailing adventure, the seas and weather seem to have a mind of their own! If nothing else, hopefully the seas will be calm, making living on board slightly easier. Anyway, I shall try and take it one day at a time and not worry about what lies ahead. πŸ™„


In the next couple of days we'll be doing some last minute provisioning of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheses etc. Refuelling and cleaning the boat. Hopefully visiting a laundrette! And generally getting ready for 4 weeks at sea.


I can't pretend I'm looking forward to it, although Bill seems to be (is he insane?). I think it's going to be hard work in lots of ways, but we'll keep you posted as we go along, and try and keep our sanity! We're still talking to each other at the moment anyway!


In other news, Bill and I have found a fun way of communicating with our little grandson, with an app called Filmora. It lets you edit together your photos and videos and add your own soundtrack. So simple even I can use it! We've made films on animals, boats and vegetables we bought at the market. For those that know Archer you won't be surprised to hear the vegetables is his favourite one!!


I'll attach some photos. Some of Galapagos wildlife, but others of places we've eaten or visited (none of veg, I promise!!)


Love and hugs to all

Amanda xxx

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3 months ago

Looks like you have had such an amazing time in Galapagos. We’re all very jealous here in land locked Derby Hope your colds are subsiding ready for the voyage starting tomorrow. Hope you have fair winds and calm seas. Enjoy the next leg of the adventure. Craig

3 months ago

Looks absolutely amazing and how fantastic that you are having this retirement adventure. Good luck with the next big stretch across calm seas. Sending love and hugs πŸ€— xx

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