4 days in...

Published on 10 March 2024 at 15:48

It's early morning and I'm on watch, enjoying the cool of the start of the day. There's a little haze on the horizon, but not a cloud in the sky. In the distance I can see the tiny white sail of Abide. They've been near us all night.


I thought I'd write a blog.


I didn't know if I would or could, but I'm doing it. Sailing across the biggest ocean on the planet! We're at the start of day 4 and the Galapagos are 500 miles behind us and Hiva Oa is 2500 miles ahead.

We're in our trusty little yacht, she just keeps moving on through this vast ocean.

There's lots to love. The simplicity of life, no places to be, no commitments, no lists, no guilt. There's time to still the mind, reflect, appreciate what you have, appreciate the planet we have.

The days pass surprisingly quickly and merge into one. The only change is the sea state, the wind, the watch pattern.


That's not to say life is easy. Living on a moving, rolling, vessel has its challenges. Standing upright is one of them! Along with walking, cooking, sleeping, sitting on the loo, showering, getting dress. In fact pretty much everything apart is awkward and tiring!


But, I'm trying to appreciate it all. I want to be a good crew member, which involves staying cheerful and being kind. So that's my aim. Not sure I'm achieving it!


I'm loving all the reading I have time for. Into Kristin Hannah at the moment. And I'm loving my sketchbook. If I'm feeling brave I might post some of my very amateur sketches.


Cockpit cleaning time now, and then breakfast beckons.


As always love and hugs to all. Bye for now Axx

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Abi Attwood
3 months ago

Just wow ! Amanda I have to say you captured the experience you are living so well , I had a choked up moment reading it out to Richard , the boat rolling , the difficulty you have achieving basic daily chores , your artwork is amazing, you’re talented in so many ways , just beautiful , keep going , keep being safe and keep blogging xx

3 months ago

I know I've flippantly said I'd happily change places with you, I kind of think I would but your descriptions of everyday life certainly give pause for thought. Keep the blogs coming - they help us stay connected with you all. Your sketches are great! More please.

3 months ago

Just been doing some research following your comment about a strange bright light on the night of March 8. Could be coincidence but apparently a pallet of old batteries which was ejected from the ISS back in 2021 re-entered in your region that evening. Link below..

Mark Kirby
3 months ago

Love the sketches Amanda!

Mark Kirby
3 months ago

Amanda is there anything we blogosites can do for you - do you crave any info/stories etc?

3 months ago

So brave of you all to be crossing the Pacific and truly a lifetime experience.
Loving the sketches, particularly the turtle 🐢
Stay safe. Hugs 🤗 xx

3 months ago

Hello Amanda, Love reading all your blogs. You have me thinking about how I’d feel crossing this vast ocean on a small boat with no sight of land for weeks. 🤔
Your sketches are brilliant….these with photos and the blogs will make an awesome book when you return home.
Hope the weather’s staying fair and winds behind.

We (I) are ready for warmer weather here on west coast, there’s still plenty of snow in the mountains and Bruce is still skiing.
Sarah xx

3 months ago

Hi both. Still seems hard to imagine you in your boat halfway across the Pacific whilst I lie in bed with a cup of tea. Your blogs are so good - descriptions of life on board (the good and the more tricky things!) bring it all to life. Loving your sketches - together with your photos you’ll have such a memory book when you return. Off to London this weekend with the girls - catching up with Ben on Sunday. Looking forward to that! Hope the crossing continues going well and stay safe!! Much love Sue xx

Sarah Barnes
3 months ago

Oh my goodness Amanda…that read has got me! You ARE doing it and if I was part of the crew (which I would never be) I would like you to be my fellow crew! Your sketches are beautiful, a delight to see, thank you for sharing. You’re all looking well, happy sailing, all our love xx