Land Ahoy!!!!

Published on 24 March 2024 at 15:47

Land Ahoy!!


We can see Hiva Oa and a couple of other island. They're right where we expected them to be so our navigation isn't too bad!! We will be arriving this morning. Great feeling! And it's my birthday too!! Thanks to everyone for all the birthday messages - I've never had so many!!


Sadly we're advised most of the bars and restaurants close on Sundays so looks like we'll still be on board tonight but I'm sure we'll still be celebrating!


We've had great winds and our crossing has been significantly quicker than expected but it still feels like it's been a very long crossing, some rest definitely needed. But no time to rest - there's a boat to fix and Marquesas to explore!!


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Sue Rimmer
3 months ago

Happy Birthday Bill! Have a wonderful rest of the day. What a great time to arrive, it’s like you planned it! Enjoy the double celebrations

3 months ago

Bloody hell, no drinking on Sunday! That’s like Wales and New Zealand in our youth. How uncivilised. Hope the cellar is still well stocked after that long crossing!

Mark Kirby
3 months ago

Happy Birthday Bill. I'm sure there will extra celebrations with landfall as well. Amazing journey you are having. Not sure I can do the story Amanda was hoping for (I was thinking more of recollections of "naughty Billy stories")...

Abi Attwood
3 months ago

Happy birthday Bill 🎈🍷
What a way to celebrate 🍾 ⛵️
One you won’t forget in a hurry
Love from Abi and Richard xx

3 months ago

and congratulations on completing the crossing!

Dave Biggs
3 months ago

Happy birthday Old Timer! You’ll be pleased to hear that Fiona was amazed how much you're looking like your dad ! Have good day.

3 months ago

Belated happy birthday Bill ( poor WiFi in India!)
Hope you celebrated in style even though bars were closed 🥲. Congratulations to all of you for making the crossing 👏 xx

Sarah Barnes
3 months ago

Lovely photos and drawings to see, happy birthday and lots of love xx

Gillian Wiberg
3 months ago

What a birthday present Bill! Happy belated birthday and congratulations on compmeting the crossing.

Jacq and Graham
3 months ago

Happy birthday Bill ,have a fabulous birthday , all good here , love to you both xxx

Sarah Godfrey
3 months ago

Hello Amanda & Bill and Happy Easter!
We’re still enjoying following the blog but missed a few days when we first returned home from Spain so also missed news of Bill’s birthday - belated birthday wishes, Bill!
It all sounds utterly amazing and so pleased you completed that crossing- hope you’ve managed to celebrate properly now!
Sending lots of love xxx

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