Arrival at Nuku Hiva

Published on 1 April 2024 at 17:37

We're in paradise - again!


We sailed overnight from Hiva Oa to Anaho Bay on the north coast of Nuku Hiva, the most perfect setting. 


The new rig worked really perfectly, we're finally happy that we have the mast set up well, just a couple of bits I want to tighten tomorrow - but it was great to have the mainsail up again for the first time in ages. Sadly, inspection of the big orange Wingaker sail showed damage is more severe than we thought, so that certainly won't be repaired before we leave the boat.


We're now at Anaho, a circular bay, fringed by sandy beach and palm trees, backed by stunning mountains, an awesome setting. About a dozen houses, 20 or so people living here, only access is by boat or a really steep rocky track over a saddle in the mountains to the next bay, where there is a road. 


Walked that track today, in 35 degree heat, have never sweated so much in my life! It took nearly 4 hours to the next town and back; locals use horses to carry goods, they must be very sure footed as it was steep, and very narrow and rocky in places


But the view from the top back into the bay was just breathtaking. It really is a perfect place.


Even better, when we've finally got back down to our bay, there's a bar on the beach that is open - so a very happy Easter Sunday!! We're the only people eating dinner here this evening, table literally on the beach. 


We'll move on tomorrow to another bay, then into the main town for our final skippers briefing and fleet rendezvous on Wednesday.

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2 months ago

Beautiful location 😎- you’re not going to want to come home! Stay safe xx