Back at sea!

Published on 5 April 2024 at 23:30

As I write this we're just leaving the Marquesas islands and I think they may be my favourite destination so far. Truely dramatic, lush, isolated, friendly islands. I wish we could have stayed longer, there was so much more to explore, see and do.


But the Tuamotos beckon, which sound amazing in a totally different way.


Have to say I don't think I feel mentally prepared for another passage. I was so focused on the long Pacific leg that I hadn't looked much beyond it. But I'm sure this will all go smoothly, and 5 days is really nothing to us now!! The good news is that after a couple of weeks of high temperatures and even higher humidity (when I've sweated from bits of my body I didn't realise you could sweat from!!), we'll now cool off a bit at sea. And we'll be away from biting bugs!


All is good on board the boat. Everyone is fit and well. And only just over 3 weeks now and we'll be coming home. I'll be ready to get off the boat, not so sure about Bill! Although alcohol is getting so expensive now he might have to come home to drink!! We're having an amazing time, but there are also lots of challenges. And getting back to family and friends, a proper bed, a kitchen, tennis etc all sounds pretty appealing at the moment.


Sarah asked for some more artwork, so I'll (slightly reluctantly!) post a few pics. They're from a while ago I'm afraid. I need to get painting again on this crossing!


Oh! and Des, you'll be pleased to hear your flag did make land on Nuku Hiva. It buddied up with one of their many tikis!


Love to all as always and we'll speak again soon. Axxx


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2 months ago

Hi Amanda, glad to hear you are all well and enjoying your many adventures. I love your paintings, particularly the one of the island, which looks idyllic, for a few hours anyway! ha ha The weather in Blighty is warming up albeit some windy weather due to some storms coming through. Coming to the end of the Easter holidays, which have been very relaxing. Enjoy your final passage and before you know it, three weeks will be up and you will be back in your cosy bed, probably plotting your next adventure! At least you will not be dealing with 30 6year olds! ha ha! Keep safe and see you soon. By the way, thank you both for sharing all your photos, it's great to see all these amazing places, especially for Miss NoSeaLegs!

2 months ago

Hello Amanda,
We love your paintings and thank you for posting, you should be super proud of your work. 💕They’ll make a wonderful addition to your travel book once you’re home. Enjoy the last few weeks of your trip, it will seem amazing now, when you look back from home you’ll find it doubly amazing!! ☺️
Love to you both, Sarah and Bruce xxxx

Andy Ritterband
2 months ago

Wonderful artwork Amanda. A picture paints a thousand words.
See you both when you're home x

Sarah Godfrey
2 months ago

Hello Amanda & Bill
Great to read your latest message and love the artwork!!!
I’m currently in Somerset with Lib & Geoff and have read your blog to them; they were amazed & delighted to hear of your adventures and send you lots of love.
All Godfreys are well, tho we’re missing the sunshine of Spain….We’ve seen both boys plus girlfriends (and puppy in Tom’s case) since we’ve been home, which has been fun.
Once you’re back and resettled into life on dry land we’ll try to fix a Horsman get-together!
Enjoy your last few weeks
Lots of love xxx

2 months ago

Be careful what you wish for it's still bloody well raining here. Did a couple of day's hike in Derbyshire with the Thursday Night drinkers, we chose to walk along the grit-stone edges which I thought might be relatively dry - they may have been but it was closer to bog snorkeling in places. See you soon!

Sarah Barnes
2 months ago

Loving that the flag is still going strong!! Your paintings Amanda are so lovely to see, a very personal addition to your diary adventures! Loving the blue footed booby… a cheeky looking fella! Love as always xx