The End!!

Published on 29 April 2024 at 12:19

We tied up at Taina Marina in Tahiti on Friday afternoon, so have had a couple of days here to get everything sorted which has been great.

And although not an official World ARC stop there are a lot of ARC boats here at the moment - in fact most of the fleet, and we’ve had a lovely couple of days socialising with them and saying our goodbyes.

Our bags are all packed now, we leave for the airport 5am tomorrow morning. We then have 19 hours in the air, a 3 hour stopover in LA, and an 11 hour time change. That makes us realise how far from home we are, and how far we've sailed!

In fact, according to our log we have sailed a total of 6277 nautical miles – which has more than doubled the number of miles I have sailed in total in the past!

That’s actually the number of miles through the water; we often had currents in our favour so will have sailed more miles than that over the ground, maybe closer to 7000

As the crow flies it’s 6277 miles from St Lucia to here, and our actual route covered 7180 statute miles.

It feels very odd that we really have come to the end. We’re looking forward to coming home, and seeing everyone – but will also really miss the sailing and seeing so many new places

It has been a really really special trip, the experience of a lifetime, and one that we will remember for ever – thank you Tom&Jayne!

The end.







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2 months ago

Safe journey home. Look forward to seeing you both. Wave to Jonny as you fly out of LA (heโ€™ll be on your starboard if you are flying east.

2 months ago

Fantastic experience and achievement, looking forward to seeing you x

Sarah Barnes
2 months ago

Cheers to you all! Safe trip home, really looking forward to seeing you and make sure you have a big, thick jumper to hand when you land! Lots of love xx

2 months ago

Hugely looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about your amazing voyage. Safe journey home xx

2 months ago

Safe trip home, amazing adventure. Glad everything went mostly to plan, certainly no disasters or epic failures! And a lifetime's worth of memories.
Sailing in the Med is going to seem so tame now ๐Ÿ˜„.
Hopefully catch up with you later in the year.

2 months ago

Fantastic achievement. Safe journey home x

Abi Attwood
a month ago

Congratulations to you all - we look forward to catching up with you soon

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