We're on board!!

Published on 7 January 2024 at 19:26

Well, after months of preparation we are now on board and preparing to depart. Surreal!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent good luck messages, it has been amazing.

We had a great flight out yesterday, arriving on board Dilema just a few hours after she reached Rodney Bay in St Lucia after spending New Year in Dominica and Martinique. Everyone here is amazingly friendly and helpful.

On arrival the local marina man had recognised Dilema from her last visit here - 17 years ago! And we've already seen a boat we used to charter regularly in the Solent out here. Small world!!

World ARC departs for Colombia on Saturday (13th) so a few days now to acclimatiseand provision up, as well as meeting and socialising with other World ARC crews. And a bit of last minute fettling, although after a few issues trans Atlantic, Dilema is already pretty much ready to go, and already fully dressed (with Des's flag as a welcome extra!)

Birthday celebrations to start with - Freddie (Tom&Jayne's son) is 24 today! Guess celebrations start tonight!!

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Sarah Bousfield
5 months ago

Whoo!!! So excited for you both!!! Lovely photo, awesome T-Shirt ☺️ Looking forward to following your sailing adventures in the next few months!!

5 months ago

Excellent!! So excited to read about all your adventures in the days, weeks and months to come - keep the stories coming! You’re going to have the best time. xxx

Sarah Godfrey
5 months ago

Brilliant to see you out there - lovely photo.
We’ll be following closely and envying your adventures.
Good Luck & Have Fun!
Sarah & Marc X

Sarah Barnes
5 months ago

I’m trusting the birthday celebration beers you consumed were part of your nutrition programme!! Happy sailing xx

5 months ago

Amazing to see you both on the boat , I’m going to love reading about your adventures and progress whilst I sit nursing my broken ankle , so excited for you both
Abi x

Jacquie McGonagleTurner
5 months ago

Fabulous , sounds as if you’re all set to go , ! looking forward to reading all about it , take care .Love from all xxx

5 months ago

Glad you had a good trip. I trust you were plied with Rum and Coke on arrival. Enjoy a few days getting acclimatised - then the adventure begins!