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Published on 9 January 2024 at 01:44

We are loving how friendly all the locals are.We had a good evening yesterday (keeping on track with our nutritional programme!), at Maries Fish bar - a lovely beach bar, just two benches on the sand with either fish or chicken cooked on a wood fire. Marie says she has been running it unchanged since 1978 and has apparently cooked for both Prince Edward and Amy Winehouse. And now us!
Fun morning today doing boaty preparation things. We have literally hundreds of metres of spare rope, but still don't have a piece the size we need for a rigging change so will be back to the chandlers tomorrow!
This afternoon we took the boat out for our first swim in the Caribbean - at which point winds picked up to 30 knots and it started raining! And another niggling fault appeared - engine now doesn't stop when you push the stop button! Bl..dy boats! But overall everything looking good, we should be ready for Saturday.
Interesting talking to other participants, almost all are in second hand boats, and generally the ones with newer boats seem to have more problems (or at least complain about them more!)
More jobs and final boat inspection tomorrow, hopefully with improved weather 

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Sarah Barnes
5 months ago

Good to see you fuelling your body with the required protein for the jobs ahead!! Hope you get all your niggles sorted and good to read your updates. Lots of love xx

5 months ago

A restaurant on the beach sounds perfect. A far cry from the cold weather we are having here in the UK. Hope the boat inspection goes well. I’m sure you will sort out the engine. We’ll be in Wales next week so will be checking your repair on the Darracq starter motor is still good. Have a brilliant voyage and looking forward to hearing about your progress

5 months ago

Bet you don’t keep this rate of blogging up for 3 months!!

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