The Start!

Published on 13 January 2024 at 19:34

We're on the way! And we started in in perfect conditions - blue skies, steady winds with frigate birds and brown boobies flying overhead 😊


The atmosphere was amazing leaving the marina, with air horns going and crews from different boats supporting each other. We had another speech over the radio from the deputy prime minister who was on the start boat. It's a bit worrying how often he uses words like courage and phrases like crazy fools!!


Apparently it's not a race but we were very happy with our start, 5th over the line, rapidly into 4th. Front two boats are much quicker than us so sailed away, but we overtook the boat in 3rd - but not before another very fast boat had overtaken us. 

We then had a moored tanker decide to start moving right through the fleet (without any right to do so) and got much too close to us which delayed us, but we're still going well

So it was a fun but busy couple of hours but very relaxed now - with flying fish alongside us!

For info the fleet tracking app is working - our "Where we are now" page shows how to access it.

So it's goodbye St.Lucia. Just 800 miles to go!!

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5 months ago

Bon voyage on your first leg, looks like fantastic weather. Must have been pretty exciting and quite the spectacle as all the boats left. Love your racing spirit there Bill, I'm sure it'll make the next 800 miles fly by!

5 months ago

Wow - sounds fantastic! You’re living the dream - I can just see you smiling from ear to ear all the way 😍 Safe travels xx

5 months ago

Good start chaps. Fair winds! bob

Lucy Attwood
5 months ago

Enjoy!! Looks like you have had an amazing time so far and I can’t wait to follow your adventure! Xx

Abi Attwood
5 months ago

It all looks out of this world ! Great tans already , the photos and blog give us great insight to your amazing adventure - I hope you get some sleep !!

Sarah Barnes
5 months ago

Hopefully you’re keeping your placing and making steady progress. Looks like you’ve been having favourable winds. Even the night time stints sound amazing with the display of stars. Fair winds and avoid the tankers! Xx

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