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Published on 14 January 2024 at 20:35

Well, we're on our way across the Caribbean Sea, no sign of the Black Pearl yet though!

Sea's are a little choppy, but with the winds and waves mostly behind us it's relatively comfortable. Lost sight of land late yesterday afternoon and it was fully dark by 6pm.

Didn't know how I'd feel setting off into the middle of nowhere, but so far I'm quite calm about it. We can still see one or two other ARC yachts off on the horizon, which is nice.

With 6 on board the shift patterns are pretty easy. We do 3 hour shifts at night, but overlap the first and last hour with the previous and next man on watch. So you're only ever on your own for an hour. I wasn't keen on being on my own last night for my first watch, so Bill kindly kept me company. Guess that will change over the next 3 months!

Last night the moon was a slither so the stars were amazing. This morning it's very hot again and the sun is fierce, but with the hatch ajar it's not too bad in the cabin for sleeping.

Love to all at home and thank you for all the comments. I love reading them.

Bye for now Axx


ps this is what we found on deck this morning - no prizes for guessing how a flying fish managed to get on board, but we have absolutely no idea how the squid managed it!!

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Abi Attwood
5 months ago

Your description about night time , the stars , the moon , just being on your own makes it sound so real to us reading your blog , well done to Bill for keeping you company . The squid …. Nice bit of calamari for starters ! How bizarre

5 months ago

Good job on first overnight shift, I can only imagine being at the helm on your own at night has to be nerve wracking for first couple days.
Hmm..flying squid, interesting !!
Saw the sliver of a moon here last night, it’s beautiful , not with the incredible sky that you’ll be seeing.
Small world, we had a friend staying on StLucia who said ARC has a farewell do in their hotel, then saw the start yesterday.
Love your photos from St Lucia, especially the woman sitting, that’s a painting for sure.
Good luck for the next few days to Columbia.
Love from Reno - no longer snowy, mild and windy!! xxxx

Nicola Plaskett
5 months ago

Hi Amanda, lovely to hear how you are getting on. I can almost imagine myself on board with you! It must be quite surreal being in the middle of the ocean at night, looking up at the stars. Make the most of the warm weather, it is very nippy here in the UK. The weather is beautiful and bright and lots of sunshine, which is nice. The Australian Open has started so watching lots of tennis. Murray lost this morning or last night, if you're in Melbourne! I think he still has the will but his body is telling him otherwise. I am also tracking you on the app, which is fascinating. Modern technology! Say hello to the dolphins and whales but keep away from the box jellyfish! Don't know if you find them in the 'sunny Caribbean sea' Cue for a song!
Take care and say hello to Bill.
Nicola xx

5 months ago

Great photos. Fab weather.long may it continue.
Can you remember where you stashed the provisions, specially the biscuits? Good game for the evenings.
Website very easy to access even for a te chnophobe like me.
Bon voyage. May the Gods smile kindly on your voyage.