We're in Santa Marta!

Published on 18 January 2024 at 06:19



We're in Santa Marta safe and sound - but that was quite a ride!


Approaching Santa Marta winds were fairly constant at 25-30 knots, but with building seas - waves were up to about 5 metres at one point. But that was fun, we just rode up the waves without problem even when they were breaking - and on occasion surfed along with them. Dilema is now officially one of the worlds heaviest surfboards!


As we made the final approach the winds picked up as forecast - peaking at 51.1 knots, gale force 10, and we had to turn across the waves, which were thankfully a little smaller by then. We were sailing with just a tiny bit of genoa out, all a bit nerve wracking approaching an unknown port in the dark under sail in force 10, with big waves breaking over the side. We were wet, but Dilema (and Tom on the helm) handled it all beautifully, and we crossed the finish line into the harbour without problem.


Then we started the engine and went to furl the remaining bit of genoa but the furling line snapped, so the whole genoa shot out, which was quite exciting in this wind! We have managed to drop it onto the deck and secure it against the wind, and are now anchored safely in the harbour (the marina won't let anyone enter in the dark when its this windy). 


They told us this was likely to be the most exciting sailing of the trip - I hope it has been!


Time for a beer now:-)


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5 months ago

Crikey - that sounds a bit too exciting! Sounds like you all handled it expertly and as you say, hopefully the most eventful sailing of the trip! Enjoy your beer 🍻 xx

Sarah Barnes
5 months ago

The winds through the Caribbean Sea looked a bit spicy when we had a look… I’d have needed extra pants I think 😂 Well done team! Hopefully you get the necessary sorted with your genoa and that the terra firma is not too wobbly! Enjoy the moment and the beer xx lots of love

Gillian Wiberg
5 months ago

Wow. Well done all of you, sounds like you deserve your beer. Enjoy x x

5 months ago

Well done on completing the first leg to Santa Marta. Sounds like you deserve a few beers and glasses of wine. Great to read about your adventures so far. All the best and enjoy some R&R!

5 months ago

Congratulations on reaching Santa Marta in one piece. We have just caught up with the blog sitting in a comfy hotel lounge in the windy city!! Take care and enjoy being on solid ground. xx

5 months ago

Wow, exciting finish, and a fast run to Colombia. Sounds like everyone did a great job in very challenging conditions, Tom must have a cool head! A hell of a lot of unknowns coming into a new port like that. Enjoy beers, cocktails and fresh food for a few days, well deserved.

Kate and Tim
5 months ago

Sorry we’re a bit late to the party!! Brilliant news the first leg is done and sounds like you’re doing v well as regards position - I’d expect no less of course from you two. Did you feel wobbly once you got to terra firma? Apparently Colombia is often considered one of the happiest places in the world so your big grins will fit in well. Also on another topic, our favourite coffee beans are always Colombian ones, so if you have any space in your baggage then you know what to bring home! Hugs from us. Keep on keeping on xx

5 months ago

Looks like you had some interesting conditions but great that’s it’s given you confidence in those conditions. Pissing down here so just like home (except it’s 29 degrees). Enjoy a few drinks!

Jacq and Graham
5 months ago

Glad there safe and well , ❤️

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