Santa Marta

Published on 19 January 2024 at 15:25

Hi all


And here we are in South America!! Sitting near the Marina laundrette in Santa Marta waiting for a free machine - so a good oppotunity for a blog!


Bill told you his perspective of the sailing last night, so now I'll try and describe it from my side!


For a couple of days we'd been expecting the sea state to increase, so I'd been trying to stay calm, following the advice of taking one day at a time and not looking ahead. However, by yesterday afternoon it was pretty clear conditions were going to be very challenging for the final few hours of sailing.


The wind really picked up as we rounded the final headland in the dark. We reefed in the genoa (the mainsail was already down) and we flew along. Surfing the waves or crashing through them as we adjusted our course. Tom was at the helm and he was brilliant. The whole experience was amazing, totally exhilarating. Even when we lost our genoa, and the boys were battling on the front deck, I focused on the job at hand and didn't have time for nerves. Once safe and anchored we were all on a bit of a high, drinking beer and recounting the experience. Think I got a small glimpse of why people become addicted to doing crazy, scary things.


Anyway, back to normality today, waiting for the washing!!


Colombia is hot, very hot. Had the most amazing shower this morning and drenched through already. Strange to think back home is freezing cold. We're here for about 5 days and looking forward to exploring the area as well as participating in the arranged socials - a cocktail evening and sangria and paella night!


Thanks for all the messages, love reading them all.


A cold beer awaits! Speak again soon.


Love to all Axx


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5 months ago

Great to hear your perspective Amanda, and so glad to hear that you're taking in your stride, staying strong, and actually finding it exciting. Yes, the adrenaline rush followed by exhilaration can become addictive! It also puts everyday mundane tasks like sitting in a laundrette into a new perspective! Enjoy your well earned R&R.

Sarah Barnes
5 months ago

Wow! Amazing! And as Bruce mentioned, good to hear from your perspective… great focus! I’m feeling the buzz from here! It will be good to regroup with those everyday tasks and then to share your experiences with your fellow competitors, such special moments! Lots of love xx

Andy Ritterband
5 months ago

Sangria and paella night..... deja vu.... let's hope no-one is sporting a brand new white Lacoste polo shirt or Bill may not make it home alive!!

Sarah Godfrey
5 months ago

Wow! We’ve followed your journey to South America with awe and trepidation - it sounded utterly amazing! Well done. I’ve been down with Lib & Geoff recently and read your blog to them; they sent you love and best wishes.
We’re just getting ready for a much less scary trip - southern Spain in the moho!
Enjoy your down time, keep up the blog and good luck! Xxx

5 months ago

Glad you are enjoying the experience. Not sure any of us know how we’d cope until we have faced it. Keep the blogs coming - it’s great for us to read and it will be an amazing record for you and Bill to look back on.