Half way there!!

Published on 15 March 2024 at 13:58

We're half-way there, yippee! 🎉 That's the good news.


The funny news is that I sat on a squid 🐙 the night before last! It was my night watch and I was sitting down behind the wheel listening to some music. I was tapping my feet and wiggling my bum when I felt a bit uncomfortable. I went to move what I thought was a rope. But no, it was a slimy squid under my bottom! It didn't half make me jump!


I threw it overboard and then found my hand was covered in black ink! So, at 3am in the morning I was washing down Tom's teak seats, my shorts, my pants and my derriere! 🧼 I was very aware that Harri was due to start his shift at any moment and worried he was going to catch me in the altogether! 


We laughed so much the next morning when I was telling everyone.


Squid and flying fish on the deck are a common occurrence. Apparently squid come to the surface at night to feed and jump out of the water if they feel threatened. How this one managed to jump into the cockpit I've no idea!


The not so good news is that, if anthing, the seas are getting rougher, 🌊 which means more knocking us sideways. We often have the guard rail dipping down to the water now, which is not my preferred sailing position! Still, it is starting to cure my phobia of tipping boats.😧


Working in the galley is getting increasingly difficult. In fact this seems to be the most dangerous occupation at the moment. I've already had a cup of tea fall off the kimballed oven top. And tonight Jayne lost the whole dinner on the floor. We managed to salvage most of it!


Fresh fruit and veg are starting to run low now. We've got some onions and garlic left, a few tomatoes, a cucumber, a bit of lettuce, a couple of apples and some potatoes. 🍅🥒🥬🍏 We've also finished our bread 🍞 leaving us with some wraps and flatbread. Unfortunately food out of the fridge doesn't last long in this heat. We ate our last pineapple 🍍 yesterday, delicious.


But we're still eating very well. We've got meat in the freezer and cheeses and salami in the fridge. 🥩🧀 And lots and lots of tins and snacks, fruit juices and breakfast cereal and dried fruit etc.


We had a little bubbly 🍾 to celebrate the halfway mark today. Otherwise it's usually just a beer at sundown. And of course lots and lots of water!


Still not seen any whales, very disappointing. And the only dolphins that have joined us have been at night, when you can see their magical phospherescent trails in the water. Where's everything gone? Have us humans totally emptied the oeans? Don't get me started... 🤣🤣


Lots more to say, but I'll save it for another day.


As always, love to all 😘

Speak soon Axxx


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3 months ago

Wow, wow and double wow. Just caught up on your adventures since leaving the Galapagos and cannot imagine what its like. I guess this is particularly true as we sit in our motorhome, drinking wine and looking out onto a very flat sea in Cadiz. Loved your sketches Amanda and the story of the squid - but does Calamari not spring to mind when you see them? With garlic mayo?

Dave Biggs
3 months ago

What a fabulous trip you’re on, we’ve been following your progress avidly . You’re leading such a glamorous life on your World sailing trip , visits to the Caribbean, Panama , Galápagos Islands etc Makes my life sound rather dull , apart from the excellent Rugby today ( not sure if Jayne would agree with that statement ) the most exciting thing I’ve done today is clean out the gutters and outside drains! 😂. So glad you’re having such a great time, we’re looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you’re back home . Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the trip.

Nicola and Nigel
3 months ago

Hi Amanda & Bill
Well Amanda, all I can say is that you a gutsy gal! I can't imagine how much courage and grit you have needed for this trip, I take my hat off to you. Congratulations on making it half way and I do hope some whales and dolphins join you for the rest of the trip. That would be magical! You definitely deserve a glass or two of bubbly :-)
Nige is currently catching up with the England/France game, it has been soo close, with seconds to go it's France 33, England 31!
Either way, great game! France have just won. )-:
The weather is warming up a little in the Uk but still a lot of rain around. Lots of spring flowers, some tulips and wallflowers have come up in the garden. Only a week until Easter holidays, can't wait! Sending our love and keep safe.
Nicola xx

Jacquie &Graham
3 months ago

Congratulations on half way mark , such an amazing adventure ,fingers crossed for Whales and Dolphins x

Sarah Barnes
3 months ago

So I’m busy catching up with your blogs… Des keeps interrupting me as he’s a load of jobs he’d like to do that require my input apparently! Soz, I’ve a tendency to waffle on, I’ll try not to! Over half way there, you seem to have been gone for ages and only 5 minutes all at the same time! The rolling motion of the boat is clearly making life onboard more difficult than anticipated… as are your close encounters with the local sea life! I’m not sure which if you or the squid were more surprised… I hope Tom’s teak seats are okay, although much better to have evidence of a good story! What sort of temperatures are you experiencing during the night? For now, lots of love and wishing you happy winds and less tipping xx