Taking it easy, less than 1000 miles to go

Published on 18 March 2024 at 22:12

Well we've passed the 1000 miles to go milestone, it's only a 3 figure mileage to go now. 


The nearest land is still about 2.5 miles away - straight down! 


And the nearest human beings to the fleet are astronauts in the space station as they fly overhead!


The winds are still beautifully consistent blowing us towards our destination. The waves have been a bit obstinate - not the waves at a big frequency which we could gently roll up and down almost without noticing which we'd expected, instead there is a very confused chop with breaking waves on top of the underlying swell. We get brief periods where we're not heeling or rolling too much, then suddenly get a wave that rolls us all over the place! But actually either the sea is getting a bit better or we're getting used to it, as it doesn't seem as bad as it did a few days ago!


In fact the sailing would be lovely at the moment except we've decided to go extra gently to reduce the load on the rigging as we've had a little more trouble with wear and chafing. Tom and Harri have had to go up the mast again to rig extra lines, which is really difficult in this sea, more like a fairground ride!! Yesterday was quite a stressful day!


We've added a few extra supporting ropes and all is good now. But we've decided to limit how much sail we use to reduce further wear, which has reduced our speed. It will probably add a day or two to our crossing but we'll still be at Marquesas well before we expected to arrive, probably just over another week.


After the stress of yesterday the reduced speed is making everything much more peaceful, just bobbing along in the middle of the ocean at 5 to 6 knots, enjoying the sun and the slightly flatter seas.


We've caught more fish - two big dorado at the same time. So we're eating well. I'm certainly not losing weight as I had expected to, quite the opposite. A diet will be needed when we get home!


And just watched a school of tuna leaping out of the water as they raced along, probably chasing the flying fish which are everywhere!


But still no whales!!


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3 months ago

Enjoy the ride and the fish, I’d be great on the seafood diet! You’ll be in Marquesas and sipping a cold one before you know it.

Charlie Ainge
3 months ago

With 1000 miles to go on the 18th I suspect you may well be there by now, certainly pretty close.
Congratulations!!! Amazing achievement and one which you’ve made look pretty easy from looking back through the blog!!
Looking forward to a pint on the wall of the swan and hearing about it properly!! Congratulations again and safe journey home. Lots of love Charlie and Wendy.

3 months ago

Well done to Tom and Harri going up the mast. Wouldn’t be my idea of fun. Memories of those images of Ellen MacArthur when she had to do it solo in the Southern ocean. Enjoy the run into the Marquesas. Not long to go to that cold beer. Obviously very jealous of the fish catching. Craig

Sarah Barnes
3 months ago

Stupid comment alert… but looking at your photos and the tracking… you’re surrounded by a lot of ocean, ocean and more ocean! I guess you get use to it but the thought is turning my stomach :) Great that you’re catching the fish… getting that protein! What a remarkable adventure you’re having and the beer is in sight! All our love xx

Sarah Barnes
3 months ago

On the tracker, why does it give the temp at different levels… see below?

20/Mar/2024 08:00:05 AST
008° 17.615S, 128° 27.823W / Course: 267° @ 6.2 knots
26°C at 0m above sea level

08/Mar/2024 16:00:22 AST
003° 40.506S, 096° 00.736W / Course: 259° @ 8.7 knots
31°C at 7m above sea level


Rosalind Anscombe
3 months ago

This is long overdue but everything is fine at Broom Cottage. Your mail is piling up but I've put it into piles for you on the hall table. You sound to be having the trip of a lifetime - very jealous! Take care, Ros

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